Lake Speed

Lake Speed

The turning point in my life came on the back straightaway at Talladega. I was leading the race, and at 200 mph I heard a tiny voice say, “What are you going to do if you win here, Lake?”

God was reminding me that my life had been one of chasing goals. I had all the things the world says will make you happy: the big house, the cars, and the boat. But there was an emptiness inside. I didn’t win that race, but the question sent me to the Bible. There I found a loving God who sent His Holy Son to die for me.

Realizing I could not find peace and happiness in worldly things, I invited Jesus Christ into my heart as Lord and Savior. I got what winning a race could never offer – God’s peace. The Lord put my life back together. This life, as important as it seems, is only a qualifying event. Are you ready for the real deal?

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